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5 methods for Dating an Introvert, in accordance with a Psychologist that is One

O pposites attract, or at the very least they do for psychologist, writer of Introvert energy, and self-proclaimed Laurie that is introvert Helgoe PhD: Her spouse of 35 years is an extrovert.

Nevertheless, she informs me, extrovert-introvert relationships may be maintenance that is highas anybody who’s ever been in one single well knows). “The research generally seems to claim that introvert-extrovert characteristics generally pose challenges when it comes to relationship,” she informs me.

There is a large number of differences when considering individuals with extroverted personalities and people with introverted personalities—and each goes further compared to a choice for going away versus staying in—but one variation that is key the 2 is oftentimes to blame whenever conflict arises. “Generally, an extrovert is interested in activities that are higher-stimulus introverts are interested in lower-stimulus activities,” Dr. Helgoe explains. “So introverts are often attempting to turn the volume down while extroverts are often wanting to change it up.” Ergo, stress.