Hookup Benefit Groups, Kappas, Proportion Endorsing Each Category, and Exemplar Quotations

Dining Table 1

Note. per cent endorsing may be the percentage of participants whom referenced each category within their reaction. Groups weren't mutually exclusive, so individuals could endorse one or more. Exemplar quotations are verbatim from participants without any modifying of spelling or grammar. Reactions are reported in complete unless we suggest ellipses.


Associated with the females signed up for the more expensive research, 262 (62%) reported a hookup and responded the open-response item, and are usually most notable report. Of the, 186 (71%) reported one or more take advantage of their many present hookup; their normal reaction contains 12.7 terms (SD = 12.6, range 1-79). The type of benefits that are reporting 65% (n = 120) listed one benefit, 30% (letter = 55) detailed two advantages, 5% (n = 9) detailed three advantages, and 1% (letter = 2) detailed four advantages, for on average 1.4 advantages (SD = 0.64, range: 1-4). Dining Table 1 shows the advantage groups and exemplars for every single. The absolute most frequent advantages had been pleasure that is sexual23%) and basic good thoughts (21%). Particularly, 29% noted there was no advantage with their many hookup that is recent.


Because of a give attention to negative effects, significantly less research has explored the huge benefits or good effects of hookups (Claxton & van Dulmen, 2013), an instability that undermines understanding that is full of hookup trend.