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Effective Space of Archival Materials (Nationwide Institute)

Don't Do Anything that's not Reversible edit source edit

  • Don't use pen to publish on any document or picture, also regarding the straight back. Just use soft pencil to record identification regarding the straight back of a photograph. Be cautious that the writing will not keep an impact or embossing on top. Write over the base or sides just. It's also archivally safe to make use of a PIGMA pen to create in the relative straight straight back of photographs.
  • Don't make repairs with ordinary adhesive tape. There are special archival tapes and other materials designed for this function. Analysis archival that is proper prior to trying any fix or cleansing.
  • Try not to laminate anything. a method called encapsulation, utilizing archival quality Mylar, achieves the exact same goal of protecting the document; it really is reversible while the materials are chemically inert. The document is positioned within an archival safe web page protector, most of the air is very very carefully squeezed away while the open advantage sealed with double-sided acid-free tape.