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'we are fleeing, but try not to understand where you should get': Helpless Kurds caught when you look at the crossfire

A lot more than 130,000 individuals have been displaced from rural areas round the northeast Syrian edge as an outcome of fighting between Turkish-led forces and Kurdish militia, the us stated.

Driven from their hometown in northeast Syria as bombs rained down in an assault that is turkish a Kurdish dad worried for their toddler son, who had been sick and accused America of betraying the Kurds in the area.

Agid Meshmesh escaped through the primarily Kurdish edge city of Kobani on Monday after he could not get meals or diapers for their son, who was simply battling a serious disease.

"Life stopped; the health practitioners all fled," Mr Meshmesh, 29, told Reuters by phone through the town that is nearby of, where he had been sticking to their spouse and son. "we are fleeing, but we do not understand where you can get."

He called the Turkish move that is military the location "a catastrophe," and then he criticised Washington for abandoning Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria, making the location subject to Turkish troops and searching for assistance from Syria and Russia.