SCHOLARSHIP MONDAY: 3 SCHOLARSHIP SCAMS IN AVOIDING Year after year an estimated 450, 000 students and people are patients of fund scams, more expensive than $5 million every year. Free scholarship money is constantly great, still sometimes delivers are just also...


Considering the talk plus the hype concerning college preparation, we should request the issue: Are people pushing our too much? In my opinion in getting yourself ready for college. We don't believe around pushing so difficult and planning to purchase so much that your student will get stressed, over-anxious, and burned out. Recognizing that there's a real situation, Vicki Abeles, a uneasy parent, aimed a documented about the stress our individuals face. The outcome was a written called, 'The Race to be able to Nowhere'.

'Race that will Nowhere' can be a film that will calls people to task current planning on how we create our children to achieve your goals. Named simply by TakePart. com as one about '10 Learning Documentaries You don't need to Want to Miss', 'Race to Nowhere' provides communities jointly to interest dialogue as well as galvanize difference in America's universities.

Featuring the exact heartbreaking successes of college students across the country that remain pushed to the brink by simply over-scheduling, over-testing and the unyielding pressure to quickly attain, 'Race that will Nowhere' take into account a tranquil epidemic in the schools. Throughout the testimony about educators, dads and moms and education experts, this reveals a college degree system in which cheating is becoming commonplace; young people have become lumpen; stress-related ailment, depression and burnout will be rampant; together with young people arrive at college plus the workplace unprepared and uninspired.