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With Help Online, French Farmers Now Playing the Appreciate Field

Definately not tourist tracks and cellphone protection, he works per week a week, milking his 40 cows twice per day, often breaking with routine by taking classes in traditional breton dances or communicating with females on the net.

Divorced in 1996, Mr. Maignan, 51, had abandoned hopes of finding another mate. “When women knew I became a farmer,” he said, “they fled.” The loneliness associated with agriculture life is an issue that is major France, whose inhabitants worship the land but like to live into the town.

Then again Mr. Maignan discovered Claire Chollet, a 49-year-old manager of peoples resources, on, or “,” an on-line site that is dating for farmers like himself.

Mr. Maignan stated he now intends to marry Ms. Chollet, a divorced Parisian mother of two, and get household together within the town nearby.

Atraverschamps is one of a number of online sites that are dating to “rural people,” farmers and others whom are now living in the countryside or desire to find their soulmates here. Luc Gagnon, who founded in 2001, stated so it nearly doubled its wide range of readers into the previous 12 months to 17,287, while other web web web sites like, have experienced on average 1,200 hits each day when you look at the previous 12 months.

There was now a complete economy on the basis of the farmer’s status that is single

Numerous farmers had been motivated to become listed on internet dating sites such as, Mr.