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Mexico’s Sexualized Weather Ladies: Subjects and Scapegoats of Pervasive Machismo

Mayte Carranco appears with a small fold inside her knees, fingers clasping exactly exactly what is apparently a handy remote control. She walks to and fro across the phase, gesturing to the display behind her if the visuals differ from rain to sunlight. She’s a newscaster presenting the current weather forecast, and she does not skip a beat. Also by the end of her notices, whenever she blows a fast kiss and wants her market an excellent evening, Carranco is cordial and succinct.

But Carranco, just like the a large number of other weather that is mexican, is scarcely recognized for her efficient distribution of climate notices. Alternatively she’s praised and simultaneously criticized on her curvy figure and option of clothes.

This number of weather ladies is oftentimes referred to as the “chicas del clima”, “diosas del clima”, so that as Elena Reina so brusquely called them like in her current article for El Pais – “las munequitas del clima. ” It is glaringly obvious just just how these females stick out amongst their other newscasters.