Miquel Feixas will be paired with Dídac in goal | FC

Miquel Feixas will be paired with Dídac in goal | FC

Miquel Feixas will be paired with Dídac in goal | FC

The game of the player born in 1990 is very vertical and has a powerful shot with the right leg, https://worldbets.top/en/1xbet/ but can also do it with the left. He is very versatile and has a great sense of goal. His height of 1.80 m and wingspan make Ferrao a very powerful player and difficult to score.

Like his teammates Dyego and Bateria, they have all played for the same club in Brazil, Krona Joinville. Previously, Ari Santos was also part of the same club, but a few years earlier.

Futsal FC Barcelona has returned this Monday five weeks after falling in the quarterfinals for the league title and with their minds set on a very special season.

08/04/2020 at 08:10 CEST

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National Futsal League

The players underwent the relevant medical tests that included the coronavirus test and this Tuesday afternoon they will train for the first time at the start of a tough preseason.

And is that unlike what is usual, the Barça team will play a good part of its goals in the Final Four of the Champions League that will be played at the Palau from 8 to 11 October and in which it will be measured in the semifinals at Russian Communist Party in which ex-bluegranas Lin and Rómulo are active (ElPozo and the Russian Tyumen will dispute the other ‘semi’).

The Barça already warms up engines

There Barça will aspire to lift its third Champions League after those achieved in Lleida (2012) and in Baku (2014), both in the ‘Marc Carmona era’. And what is equally or more important, accompany the already classified Movistar Inter in the 2020-21 Champions League, for which it is only worth being the 2019-20 champion.


In a course marked by the health situation and cuts, the Barça team will have a shorter squad. Five players left the team: the Murcian goalkeeper Juanjo Angosto (ElPozo), the Brazilian winger Arthur (Benfica), the Córdoba-born close Boyis (Inter), the Catalan power forward Roger Serrano (Levante) and the Madrid wing Mario Rivillos (Levante) .

In the transfer section, Barça will have three new faces for this campaign: the Catalan goalkeeper Miquel Feixas (Barça youth squad who arrives from Industrias Santa Coloma), the Portuguese player André Coelho (Benfica) and the Brazilian wing Matheus (Corinthians). 

Miquel Feixas will partner with Dídac in goal | FCB

In addition, the club executed the purchase option agreed with Palma so that the Brazilian center Ximbinha continues as Barça player this season with an option to another.

In addition, the signing of Argentine center Mati Rosa was announced until 2024, although he will continue in Palma (on loan) until 2021. Finally, the young youth squad Bernat Povill will have a record with the subsidiary, but in first-team dynamics.

The ‘capi’  

Best closing of the past year, Sergio Lozano was excited about the new one. “The holidays have helped us to disconnect. We really wanted to get back to the routine again, “he said. 

The Madrilenian insists that the aforementioned Final Four of the Champions will be key. “We have a lot of very important challenges. You always play the titles at the end of the season, but this time the most important one comes in October. We are in the Final Four, we are going to play it at the Palau and we want to win it ”, emphasized the captain.

Finally, he admitted that everything is provisional. “I have always said that the priority is health. Hopefully the situation improves and we can play with the public again. And let’s get back to normal a little. We have to be as good as possible for whatever comes next, ”said a realist Sergio Lozano.

Come back ‘Esquerda’ 

Although he got dressed in the express play-offs after nine months KO due to a serious knee injury, Esquerdinha finally did not reappear in Malaga.

Andreu Plaza and Esquerdinha, greeting each other at the Ciutat Esportiva | FCB

“We have had a few weeks to disconnect. We were very excited to return and now a different year awaits us with many competitions. I was looking forward to training with the group again and I saw that we are all doing well. There is a lot of talk about the Final Four, but all the titles are important ”, he explained.

This Tuesday the signing of Matheus will be announced

After the official confirmation of the signings of the Catalan goal Miquel Feixas and the Portuguese closure André Coelho once the pertinent medical tests with the COVID-19 test included have been passed, this Tuesday the incorporation section should be closed with the official announcement of the Brazilian Matheus.

Practically newcomer from Brazilian lands in a context in which transatlantic trips are very controlled, the Corinthians wing underwent the coronavirus test and this Tuesday it will finish being reviewed by the Barça doctors first thing in the morning so that immediately afterwards his signing for Barça is announced until June 2023.

This Monday three professional sections of Barça start the preseason

Adolfo, MVP of the season!

This is a player that the technical secretariat has followed for a long time despite the fact that he is only 23 years old (he will turn 24 in October) and that he should be the advance of his compatriot Leandro Lino (Magnus) next year.

As we anticipated in the SPORT newspaper on July 21, the National Futsal League (LNFS) and its associated clubs have reported to the Superior Sports Council (CSD) the calendar approved on July 20 by the Football Commission Room of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).


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National Futsal League

And they have done so through a letter to the president of the Higher Sports Council, Irene Lozano, where they express their disagreement about the First and Second Division calendar drawn up by the RFEF for the 2020/2021 season, where the federative body he has not responded to any of the proposals that the clubs have sent him.

As we already have in detail in this newspaper last week after the meeting held with the clubs on July 3 where it presented the draft of the First and Second Division calendar, the RFEF National Futsal Committee asked them for their proposals about it.

However, on July 20, it announced the approval of said calendar, ignoring the allegations made by the majority of the clubs participating in the First and Second Division competitions.

Through said letter, the LNFS through said letter jointly requests protection from the CSD and its intervention to prevent the rights of the clubs from being damaged, not only due to an economic issue, but also due to the players’ own health affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its current outbreaks throughout the Spanish territory.

The LNFS will refer to the CSD the 2020-21 calendar approved by the RFEF

The clubs have requested to delay the start of the competition to September 26 to favor a return to competitive activity progressively, through an appropriate preparatory period after the stoppage of competitions and the confinement suffered by COVID-19, to try to avoid the risk of injury.

The calendar approved by the RFEF proposes the dispute of 19 league days until the end of December, which the clubs consider inadvisable to assume three games with their respective trips in a cycle of only 7 days, attacking the minimum period of 72 hours between competitions continuously.

The clubs are the protagonists of a season where they assume all the risks at a sporting and economic level and are in charge of ensuring the health and economic well-being of the players, a factor that the LNFS understands has not been taken into account by the RFEF at the time to approve the calendar.

On the other hand, it considers that the social and economic aspect has not been valued either since starting the regular League on September 5 as approved by the RFEF supposes, according to the regulations in force today, to do so with a limited capacity which affects the economic viability of the clubs that would see their income reduced by an average of 30% in terms of season tickets and ticket offices. In addition, the partners and fans would be harmed by not being able to enjoy the entire season. 

Javier Lozano, president of the LNFS | EFE

In the Second Division, no petition proposed by 9 of the 13 clubs that have made up the silver category this season has been estimated, and the competition will begin on September 19.

Finally, in the international aspect, regarding the FIFA calendar, the RFEF maintains the six concentrations of the international teams, which cover 54 days of the 242 enabled for the dispute of all competitions, which means that the international players of the clubs LNFS associates will be 22.31% of the regular season time with their respective teams and without the clubs receiving any financial compensation.

The men’s futsal league, on September 5

FIFA presents a new international futsal calendar

Now we will see if the CSD decides to respond to this request from the LNFS. The silence would be considered as a refusal, still leaving the margin of the administrative dispute to be able to appeal.

While FC Barcelona and ElPozo Murcia continue with their preseason without being able to play friendlies due to the lack of a sanitary protocol, their rivals in the Final Four of the Champions have played this Monday the third and last match of the semi-finals of the Russian Super League.


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National Futsal League

The Final Four to be played at the Palau Blaugrana from October 8 to 11 will bring a double Spain-Russia confrontation, as Barça will face the Communist Party or KPRF and the Murcians, Tyumen.